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Mariska Daily

Mariska Hargitay daily
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All Members , Moderated
read before posting
(credit to rightclicklick for the rules and image host listing)

1. Every post must contain a pic. Pictures of Mariska Hargitay only.

2. No stealing from other sites or direct linking to other sites including here. If I find a pic that is direct-linked, that post will be deleted with no questions. I'm not going to have pissed off webmasters after this place. This includes just placing a link to an image. For image host ideas, go here.

3. Always try to credit your sources where possible.

4. If posting nude or otherwise non-work-safe images, please put behind the lj-cut tags so that people browsing from work don't get in trouble.

5. Please be considerate of those of us with slower modems. If posting multiple images, please only have one visible, and then the rest behind an lj-cut tag. The same goes for pictures that are more than 600 pixels wide.

6. Authorised, official type pics only. That means no stalker/paparazzi type photos. (Photos of you with Mariska, or that you took on your own at a public event, however, are allowed.)

7. Childhood photos allowed but NOT naked!

8. This is a picture posting community only. Promotions will only be allowed for related communities and announcements, but they must also contain a picture.

A first-time offending post will be deleted, and the user will be warned. Multiple offenders will have their posting access removed.

community maintainer: juvenilewreck

Affiliates: rightclicklick All the best celebrities, conveniently corraled together for mass-lickings! ;)

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